Chronic pain

My husband was in severe, chronic pain for nearly 6 years. His condition affected just about every aspect of our lives. At one point, it seemed as if he merely existed and was not really living, because his pain caused him to miss out on the things he enjoyed doing.

Over the years, we tried all sorts of treatments and

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I came to Washington Wellness Center and Steve Rosenthal! seeking help with neck and shoulder pain. After four treatments the pain began to ease. The biggest surprise has been with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I have from cleaning ten stalls every day. After receiving one acupuncture treatment, I began to feel relief from the numbness and tingling sensation in

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Walking Better

Dr. Steve is an awesome man. He has helped me so much I can’t begin to describe how much better I feel. I started with Dr. Steve March 8, 2012 for a leg problem and it’s been 5 months today that I’ve been seeing him and so many people have told me how much better I look and how much

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