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Chronic pain

My husband was in severe, chronic pain for nearly 6 years. His condition affected just about every aspect of our lives. At one point, it seemed as if he merely existed and was not really living, because his pain caused him to miss out on the things he enjoyed doing.

Over the years, we tried all sorts of treatments and saw doctors and specialists. No one could help him. A trusted friend of ours recommended acupuncture. We discovered it was covered by our insurance, so desperate and downtrodden, we decided to give it a try.

He had an appointment with Steve Rosenthal. Steve explained a lot to us about acupuncture and said we should give it a chance, as most patients see results after a few visits. Steve was right! My husband started seeing improvements in his health and his pain diminished. While he still has some pain, it does not overshadow or dominate our lives. I feel like I have my husband back. I truly believe that acupuncture is the way to go.

~ Jesse B.

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